Durham Advanced Motorcyclists

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Reasons for Taking The Test

‍The main focus

‍of the group is to improve your standard of riding to an advanced level through comprehensive training with our observers. DAM is actively supported by the Cleveland / Durham Police Motorcycle Section and many of our observers (trainers) have been trained by their Police Motorcyclists. Research has shown that advanced motorcyclists are between 3 and 5 times less likely to have an accident. You may well be a good rider but our training will make you a much safer and smoother rider than you already are. You will be taught how to ride to the IAM’s book “Advanced Rider Course” book.

‍The programme teaches the five phases of advanced riding, known as IPSGA; Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration. Regardless of whether you’re riding in country lanes, busy roads, or tackling the challenging British weather, you will have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is a big part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages you to feel confident on the road, to make good progress and to get even more enjoyment from the experience.

‍Advanced motorcycling is the ability to control the position and speed of your bike safely, systematically and smoothly, using all road information to make good progress with skill and responsibility. This requires a positive but polite attitude and a high standard of riding competence based on effective all round observation, anticipation and planning. All this must be done with good handling skills. The bike will always be in the right place on the road, travelling at the right speed, in the correct gear and with the ability to stop safely within a distance that can be seen to be clear. We have over 25 years of experience in training to the IAM standard and have had over 1000 passes. Riding your bike is one of lifes great pleasures. However, regardless of whether you’re new to biking, returning after a break or have many years experience, our advanced riding courses can make you a better rider and bring even greater enjoyment and confidence to your riding. Whether it’s about improving your own standards or reassuring a loved one who struggles to share your enthusiasm, our Skill for Life programme can make you a better and safer rider.

‍Reasons for taking the Advanced Test.

‍To improve your general standard of riding.

‍To become a safer rider.

‍To reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

‍To become a more confident rider.

‍Other reasons were:-

‍Get rid of bad habits.

‍To demonstrate to others that their riding is of a high standard and to influence other people’s riding. 

‍Gaining insurance discounts. 

‍Improving fuel efficiency. 

‍For your job.


‍Benefits of Advanced Biking

‍IAM surveyed its members and the results were extremely positive:-

‍Riders said the advanced test had a permanent positive effect on their riding and training had increased their enjoyment.

‍The biggest changes were:-

‍Safety, confidence, attentiveness and decisiveness.

‍Improved planning and anticipation, awareness of hazards and conditions, improved use of road space. 

‍Riding was smoother, they made better progress and their riding made them more conscious and less on auto pilot.

‍Many said that taking the test had helped them to avoid a specific accident or incident. Most of these skills can be carried over to car driving.

‍So there is a clear need to help riders fix bad habits and improve their skills. IAM’s Advanced Riders Course teaches the principles of safe control, observation and anticipation. Whatever your reason is, DAM is ready to deliver high quality training to match your needs.