Durham Advanced Motorcyclists

Join / Rejoin

How ‍do ‍I ‍join ‍DAM/IAM?
‍The first stage is to join IAM.
Click HERE to purchase the IAM’s Advanced Rider Course. You'll be asked to enter your local Advanced Motorcyclists Group location. Please use Durham, enter your date of birth and click "Continue". You will automatically join DAM when you join IAM.
Alternatively, you ‍can ‍come to one of our
monthly social meetings and apply there. It's as easy as that! New members are called Associates and you'll be invited to club meetings where you can meet with other like-minded riders.
DAM is one of the best clubs in the UK and we have won top awards from IAM for our training and pass rates. We have an active riding and social scene and literally have something for everyone.
We very much look forward to meeting you and wish you a warm welcome to our club.


‍How ‍much ‍does ‍it ‍cost?
New ‍associates ‍joining ‍the ‍IAM ‍Advanced ‍Riders ‍Course ‍pay ‍a ‍one ‍off ‍fee ‍of ‍£149 ‍which ‍covers ‍the ‍IAM ‍fee, ‍advanced ‍test ‍and ‍1st ‍year ‍IAM ‍membership, one ‍year ‍DAM ‍associate ‍membership, ‍a ‍copy ‍of the ‍'Advanced  ‍Rider ‍Course' ‍book ‍and ‍a ‍certificate ‍on ‍passing ‍the ‍IAM ‍Advanced ‍Test.
‍If ‍you ‍are ‍an ‍existing ‍member ‍of ‍the ‍IAM ‍but ‍are ‍a ‍new ‍motorbike ‍associate ‍then ‍you ‍get ‍a ‍£30 ‍discount. 
‍Annual ‍fees ‍are ‍payable ‍12 ‍months ‍from ‍your ‍last ‍renewal ‍date ‍and ‍are ‍as ‍follows:
‍Cheque ‍or ‍cash ‍-
‍• ‍DAM ‍Full ‍Member ‍- ‍£5
‍• ‍DAM ‍Associate ‍Member ‍- ‍£5
‍After ‍the ‍first ‍year ‍all ‍DAM ‍members ‍must ‍also ‍pay ‍their ‍annual ‍IAM ‍subscription.

What ‍happens ‍next?
You will ‍be ‍contacted ‍by ‍our ‍Observer ‍/ ‍Associate ‍Co-Ordinator. ‍He/she ‍will ‍allocate ‍an ‍Observer ‍(trainer) ‍to ‍you ‍for ‍your ‍one ‍to ‍one ‍tuition, who ‍will ‍contact ‍you ‍directly ‍to ‍arrange ‍your ‍first ‍run.
‍Once ‍you ‍have ‍submitted ‍your ‍application ‍forms ‍you ‍can ‍attend ‍the ‍regular ‍runs ‍on ‍Tuesday ‍evenings ‍(summer ‍time ‍only) ‍and ‍Sundays, ‍that ‍are ‍open ‍to ‍all ‍DAM ‍associates ‍and ‍full ‍members. ‍This ‍is ‍in ‍addition ‍to ‍any ‍arrangements ‍you ‍make ‍with ‍your ‍observer ‍for ‍one ‍to ‍one ‍sessions. ‍The ‍dates ‍and ‍times ‍for ‍these ‍are ‍detailed ‍in ‍the ‍latest DAM Diary on this ‍website ‍in ‍the ‍
Diary ‍and ‍News ‍page.

What ‍do ‍I ‍do ‍when ‍I ‍pass ‍my ‍test?
‍When ‍you ‍pass ‍your ‍test ‍and ‍become ‍a ‍full ‍member ‍you ‍can ‍take ‍part ‍in ‍all ‍group ‍Full ‍Member ‍Runs. ‍Please ‍let ‍the ‍Membership ‍Secretary ‍know ‍your ‍IAM ‍number ‍and ‍also ‍if ‍your ‍personal ‍details ‍change ‍at ‍any ‍time ‍ie. ‍address, ‍phone ‍number, ‍email ‍etc.

‍Renewal ‍of ‍IAM ‍Membership
IAM ‍will ‍contact ‍you ‍directly ‍and ‍will ‍offer ‍a ‍number of ‍ways ‍of ‍rejoining, ‍such ‍as ‍single ‍annual ‍payments, ‍Direct ‍Debits ‍etc.

‍Renewal ‍of ‍DAM ‍Membership
This can ‍be ‍done ‍at ‍any ‍Tuesday ‍night ‍social ‍meeting ‍or ‍by ‍downloading, ‍printing ‍and ‍completing ‍the ‍membership ‍renewal ‍form ‍here. 

‍Download ‍your ‍DAM ‍Membership ‍Renewal ‍Form HERE


Details ‍of ‍how ‍we ‍use ‍your ‍DAM ‍data ‍and ‍how ‍you ‍can ‍withdraw ‍your ‍permission ‍from ‍receiving ‍or ‍sharing ‍your ‍data ‍can ‍be ‍found ‍here.

‍Download ‍How ‍we ‍use ‍your ‍DAM ‍Data HERE

Gift ‍Aid ‍Form
We ‍would ‍also ‍like ‍to ‍encourage ‍members ‍to ‍ ‍download, ‍print ‍and ‍complete ‍the Gift ‍Aid ‍form, ‍if ‍the ‍conditions ‍detailed ‍apply ‍to ‍you. ‍We ‍can ‍then ‍reclaim ‍28% ‍as ‍we ‍have ‍charitable ‍status. Download the Gift Aid Form HERE

Please ‍send ‍completed ‍forms ‍to:-

‍Durham ‍Advanced ‍Motorcyclists
‍℅ ‍Mrs. ‍Joanne ‍Hudson ‍(Treasurer)
‍2, ‍Gilks ‍Walk, Middlesbrough
‍Cleveland. TS4 ‍3RT

Thank ‍you.